About the CEJEC

The European and Comparative Law Research Centre (Centre d’Etudes juridiques européennes et comparées, CEJEC) was created in 1990. The team is composed of 24 professors and about 30 PhD students.

Within the Law Department of the University of Paris Ouest – Nanterre – La Défense, the centre is a forum for research on European Law, Comparative Law and the relationships between the two disciplines.

The CEJEC embraces European law in a broader perspective : its activities include not only projects concerning EU Law but also research on the development of the law within the Council of Europe. The same is true for comparative law: comparing national law is only one dimension of the “comparative law approach” of the centre, which also focuses on relationships between international and European law.

The centre is associated with the Master program on the comparison of Laws in Europe (m2bde.u-paris10.fr), one of the most famous French law degree training bilingual students in both French law and another law (the Common law, German law, Spanish law, Italian Law or Russian Law).

The CEJEC develops various projects together with foreign institutions. It receives foreign visitors for research or to participate in its monthly workshops.

Each year, the CEJEC organizes, alone or in cooperation with other research centres or institutions a series of conferences. Its members coordinate a European and Comparative Law chronicle in a law journal, which is one of the most popular review among practitioners (“Les Petites Affiches”). A series of papers is also published on line on cejec.eu (cejec working papers series).

Members of the centre meet each month. Most of the time, scholars from other research centres or universities are invited to present a contribution on their work in progress. PhD students are encouraged to contribute and are usually very active contributors to the debates.